Watson, Gary. When inheritance is among us: my experiences with my mother and friends

It all started during the last months of my mother’s life, when I decided to write a diary about the events and experiences while caring for her, to keep my family and friends informed about her health condition and state of mind.When she passed away, I wanted to put into writing how my mother had influenced my life, and my experience during her last days, so that my children would read and understand how I felt and why I was not spending much time with them.Sometimes we forget how short and important life is.A life that – in my opinion – is a gift from God, into which we are born, grow, reproduce and die; But, at some point along the way, we forget these things, straying completely, hurrying to grow and, later, trying to avoid dying.The experience I want to share is the role played by the person who for me was the most important in this journey called life: my mother.

Gary Watson


Recommended for ages 16 and up.

Non Fiction


ISBN 978-9962691570

Published in the year 2021

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